Lucid Dream EP

by Josephine Smoker

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"Make up a story... For our sake and yours forget your name in the street; tell us what the world has been to you in the dark places and in the light. Don't tell us what to believe, what to fear. Show us belief's wide skirt and the stitch that unravels fear's caul.” (Toni Morrison)


released March 24, 2014

All music & lyrics: Josephine Smoker

Vocals: Aga Labus
Instruments & vocals: Julia Schell

Recording & Mix: Toni Hinterholzinger, Tonstudio der Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg, 2013 & Alex Schmidt, Red Audio, Herzo Base, 2014
Mix & mastering: Alex Schmidt, 2014

Artwork: Andrea Phillips (




josephine smoker Germany

always in the making

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Track Name: Sacrifice
oh sacrifice

I won't gamble with the sacred dice
can you hear the singing of the birds arise
singing in tongues
surrender my disguise

oh sacrifice

the wind chimes are humming softly at dawn
the change of the season is on its way
bearing the voices
time to loosen the threads

seems like you are weak
you missed your goals
you went astray
you're a failure

seems like you are weak (play safe)
you missed your goals (no risk)
you went astray (obey)
you're a failure (don't make any faults)

can't you see you're out of control (don't cry)
you don't fit in (oh, I don't wanna)
you'll never succeed (cry)
you're an escapist (I'm scared to the bone)

can't you see you're out of control (I'm afraid)
you don't fit in (of being)
you'll never succeed (stripped to)
you're an escapist (the bone)

now is the time (I'm afraid)
to make a stand against these drags (of being left)
release, breath (alone)

and overcome your doubts and misery
face your anxiety and grow
allow myself to make space
every detour comes full circle

oh devotion
Track Name: Old ghosts
smash my drunken heart
no truth is all I need
the pressure is so high
it will smash my heart anyway

pressure, pain and time
create this world I'm in
to push old ghosts aside
won't work out

life's not a funny game to play
and steps to take
rules to make
and bonds to break

it's no offence but in the end it all depends

old ghosts won't set me free
old ghosts are creeping slowly
old ghosts won't let me rest in peace
old ghosts are haunting my dreams
old ghosts won't let me see
old ghosts are dancing with me

as you can't feel my fondness
I’d rather shield its frailty
I don't believe in soothsaying
but it's a self-fulfilling prophecy

do you dare to turn around
and face the door labeled 'your past'
with your father's face and your mother's eyes
and your sister's embrace

making the same mistakes
breaking the same good hearts
loving the same foolish ways that you wish
you could love yourself

and, yes, I'd like to go back
and change the ways I came to be
but then I'd be somebody somewhere else
and, tell me, would you be there?

no, we can't escape where we're coming from
we're not to blame for what they've done
we're walking straight into the past
with every step we take ahead

old ghosts ...
Track Name: Oh Josephine
sitting in my own four walls
but they don't talk to me
the sheet of paper stays empty
no words coming out of me

no spark of light comes in my mind
my heart is filled but it's all locked inside
I cannot find the way
oh I cannot see straight

oh josephine, where have you been
oh josephine, I missed you so
oh josephine, it's good to see you again
it's ok, it's alright, take your time
just take your time

taking time is easily said
when nothing's said and done
time takes its toll, frustrating me, more and more
oh, how can I overcome

I'm nearly losing my mind
no muse to amuse me
no kiss of hers inspiring me
so, I'm waiting for my dear friend
we'll set this shit friend

oh josephine, where have you been
oh josephine, I missed you so
oh josephine, it's good to see you again
it's ok, it's alright, take your time